Regional Italian Breads | Curbside - September 06, 2020


Everything you need!

With Video Instruction.

Learn to make  authentic regional Italian Breads -100%  hands-on, from scratch, in your own kitchen, and on your own time. 

Mafalda: Sicilian Semolina Bread

Focaccia Genovese: Olive oil and Herb Flat Bread

Pane Toscano: Crusty Tuscan Bread

Lessons Includes:

  • Choosing the correct flour
  • The difference between types of yeast
  • Dough Starters
  • Mixing and kneading
  • Proper dough rising and fermentation
  •  Shaping breads
  • Bread baking in a home oven

In the next installment of our Curbside Pickup Cooking Class you will learn to make three different types of regional Italian Breads . I will provide the recipes, video instruction, ingredients and equipment* to produce this amazing dish. Invite members of your household to join in the fun! 

Step 1. Reserve your spot

Step 2. Pick up your recipe, pre-measured ingredients and supplies.

Step 3. Follow the link to the instructional video included with your recipe sheet and enter the supplied password.

Step 4. Make some amazing fresh baked bread!

Yield:  1 Large or 2 Medium Loaves Mafalda | 1 Large Focaccia (Half Sheetpan) | 1 Large  or 2 Medium Loaves Pane Toscano

Bread freezes well after it’s baked and cooled. You can spread out each bread recipe into several days or even weeks if you’d like.


Total work time. Varies Depending on Bread – Average hands on time : 30 minutes + Fermentation and Baking for each bread

Whats included:

  • All ingredients needed (pre-measured)*
  • Commercial Half Sheet-pan 
  • Bread Lame (Blade for scoring tops of bread)
  • Bench Scraper (Dough Cutter)
  • Full Recipe and instructions (upon pick-up)
  • Private link to video instructions (upon pick-up)
  • Unlimited follow up questions and support. 

*Not Included, but will be needed:

  • Stand Mixer with dough hook (optional)
  • Various Size Bowls (glass or stainless steel)
  • Small Sauce Pot
  • Water
  • Pastry Brush
  • Kitchen Scale


Choose an approximate pick up time below: (I will meet you as you arrive for curbside pick up)

Pick up date: Sunday September 06, 2020


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