Master Pizzaiolo Certificate Course February 8-10, 2021 6:15 p.m.


Master Pizzaiolo Course
This Course is Designed for :
  • Pizzeria/Restaurant Start Ups
  • Existing Pizzeria/Restaurant Owners/Cooks
  • Home Pizza Maker Enthusiasts
6:15PM – 9:15PM
Monday 02/08/2021 – Tuesday 02/09/2021 -Wednesday 02/10/2021
( 9 hours total classroom time)
This is a comprehensive, 3 day, hands on Certificate Course in mastering the art of pizza making. Taught by Maestro Pizzaiolo Chef Gio.
Students will learn the fundamentals of yeast dough production, and pizza making including:
  • Choosing flour and ingredients
  • Dough formulas and methods
  • Direct Mixing Method (No Preferment)
  • Indirect Mixing Method (With Preferment)
  • Proper fermentation
  • Stretching/shaping
  • Sauces and toppings from scratch
  • Common cooking techniques
  • Re-purposing extra dough
  • Recipe Costing and Profit
  • Pizza History
Pizza Styles will include:
  • Wood Fired Pizza Napoletana
  • Thin and Crispy Pizza Romana
  • Thick and Airy Pizza Siciliana
Those who successfully complete the course will have the knowledge necessary to produce superior pizza and the tools to start or improve a pizza business.
A hands on practical exam and short multiple choice exam is required to earn your Master Pizzaiolo Certificate that you may proudly display in your place of business or home.
You must attend all three days to be eligible for certification.


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