Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I arrive?

The doors open 15 minutes before the listed start time of class. Please let us know if you will be arriving late.

Can I show up to attend a class without a reservation or just to “check the place out”?

We do not allow walks-ins and don’t give “tours”. Entry is by appointment or reservation only.

How can I register for a class?

Simply go to our online class schedule, add your preferred class to the shopping cart and follow the checkout instructions.

Will there be more classes offered beyond the ones listed?

Yes, we offer nearly 250 classes a year. Our classes are listed 3 month at a time to avoid overwhelming you and causing confusion on the website. For example, if its November and you only see classes scheduled until the end of February, that doesn’t indicate we’re going out of business in February, rest assured more classes will be added soon. 

Can I purchase a class for someone else as a gift?

We prefer that you purchase a Gift Card instead, so the recipient can choose their own class that fits their schedule. Please read our terms and policies thoroughly before reserving a class for someone else.

How do I use my Gift Card?

To learn how to use your Gift Card click HERE

How do I use my Class Credit?

To learn how to use your Class Credit click HERE

I ordered a Gift Card and it was not received, where is it?

The printable Gift Card is sent in  a separate email from your order confirmation with the subject: “Here is your Printable Gift Card” it will arrive as a PDF attachment. If you do not receive it, please first check your spam folder, then reply to your order confirmation email. You may also reprint or resend it at anytime by logging into your account and viewing the order.

Most company/corporate email servers have a security filter that will block any type of email attachments from outside senders. Please use your personal email address  when purchasing gift cards.  

What do I wear?

If you’re taking a hands-on class, dress to cook: casual and comfortable, with some low heeled, closed-toe shoes. No loose or dangling cloths or jewelry. No strong cologne or perfume PLEASE.

Do I need to bring anything?

We will supply the all the equipment and ingredients you needed in all classes. Each student will receive a recipe/guide packet with copies of all the recipes/guides used in the class. You may want to bring a pen for taking notes.

Do we get to eat what is made?

A generous sampling of everything made in class is provided. This is a cooking school however, not a restaurant. Though most people won’t leave hungry, please don’t expect to be served a full dinner. The fee is for the cooking lesson, not the food.


Are Classes Hands-on?

Almost all classes are hands-on, please refer to the class description for the level of participation. 

When a class description indicates “Hands-on“, this means the class has 50%-75% hands-on student participation.

When a class description indicates “Some Hands-on“, this means the class has 25% or more hands-on student participation.

When a class description indicates “Demonstration Only“, this means the class is demonstration only with no hands-on.

Why aren’t classes 100% hands-on?

We take great care when designing the classes to ensure there is the proper amount of demonstration and hands on participation for the allotted time, and what makes sense with the menu and class subject. Most students find even our “some hands-on” classes to have plenty of hands on experience.

Though hands-on participation is important, demonstration and explanation is the most important part of the teaching and learning processes. Demonstration is used to show you the skills and tools needed so you are able to go home, practice what you’ve learned and duplicate the recipes and techniques. It also allows students time to take detailed notes and ask questions. Even a Culinary School degree program has demonstration in the kitchen labs. Our goal is not to make you recipe followers, blindly following steps, but better home cooks by learning proper cooking technique and the function of ingredients. 

What is your cancellation policy? 

Please see our Terms and Policies

Can my son/daughter take a class with me?

We welcome children 15 and older for most classes unless indicated in the class description, as long as each is accompanied by an adult. The adult must also reserve a seat in the class.

We prefer adult attendance only for Chef’s Table Events.

Can I reserve a private class for just one or two people?

Yes, however there is a minimum fee. Click HERE for more information.

Can I have menu items in class substituted if I don’t like them or are allergic to them?

We are not able to accommodate each individual students dietary needs and preferences in class that is open to the public. Please choose a class title with an agreeable menu, or schedule a private class with a customized menu. We are not a gluten free or allergen free facility.

Can I bring my own gluten free or specialty ingredients?

Classes are set up for the specific menu and lesson as stated in the class description. We cannot substitute ingredients that you bring in for any portion of the class without disrupting and confusing the lesson.

May I bring wine to Cooking Classes/Private Event?

Yes, we allow students 21+ to bring and responsibly enjoy wine (or beer) during our cooking classes or private events at Gio Culinary Studio.

If indicated in the class description, wine tasting may be provided for certain class and venues. We do not allow liquor or mixed drinks.

We provide spring water, wine glasses and openers, however we do not provide ice, ice buckets or refrigeration for your beverages.