I took the chicken marsala

I took the chicken marsala at home class (pick up- video) . It was amazing! Best I ever cooked. I took the crossisant at home class (pick up-video) … it was a challenge… pastry was new to me… I did it with a few gaps along the way… but I did it! The I took the Sfogliatelle & Lobster Tail at home class ( pick up-video). I cannot THANK you enough. I did have a bit of gaps but ….they were AMAZING! Everyone absolutely loved them and I was feeling so happy and feeling like you taught me to accomplish what I NEVER thought I could. I could not be happier. Thank you so much!!!

2 thoughts on “I took the chicken marsala

  1. Thanks very much Carol! You should be proud, you’ve tackled some difficult techniques for sure. Nice Job!

  2. Thank you! Will be back. We have taken many in house classes as well. I am definitely going to make that home made kielbasa. Gulumkies proved to be awesome! Our pizza now outweighs any restaurant or store bought once we took NYC pizza class. Mexican street corn- take that to the bank… Thank you so much!!!

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