Pizza Series: Italian Origins November 04, 2020 6:15 p.m.


  • Pizza Margarita (Naples, Campania)
  • Pizza Marinara (Naples, Campania)
  • Pizza Romana (Rome,Lazio)
  • Pizza Sfincione (Palermo, Sicilia)
Pizza is a food recognized world wide, but this topped flatbread takes many different forms depending on region. Students will explore the true origins and history of modern Italian Pizza and learn how to create authentic regional pizzas from scratch, using a wood fired oven along with a standard home oven and pizza stone.
This is 2 1/2 hour class consisting of Demonstration Only (what does this mean?)
Each Student will receive: 32 oz of Italian “00” Flour, 16 oz Semolina Flour, and 28 oz San Marzano Tomatoes
Lessons Include:
  • Sourcing ingredients
  • Types of dough by region
  • Proper fermentation
  • Proper dough handling and stretching
  • Wood Fired and Home Oven/Pizza Stone Cooking
  • Italian Pizza History
Note: We are currently allowing only 50% capacity.  Mask required for entry. Mask required when not seated at your table . Mask and gloves required during any hands on cooking.
Feel free to bring your favorite bottle of wine to sip on during class.
A generous sampling of all the foods prepared in class will be provided.
***If you would like to reserve this class as a Private Event for your group, please Contact Us and we will reply with some available dates.***

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