Pizza Series: Italian Origins November 04, 2020 6:15 p.m.


  • Napoli (Campania)

Pizza Margherita: 24 hour fermentation, wood fired, big fluffy outer crust, San Marzano tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella, Fresh Basil, EV Oil.

Pizza Marinara: 24 hour fermentation, wood fired, big fluffy outer crust, San Marzano tomato, Oregano, Garlic, EV Oil, no cheese.

  • Rome (Lazio)-

Pizza Romana Tonda: 72 hour fermentation, wood fired or gas oven, super thin and crispy, any toppings.

Pizza alla Pala: 48 hour fermentation, high water hydration 80%, wood fired or gas oven, crispy outside, light and airy inside, any toppings.

Pizza is a food recognized world wide, but this topped flatbread originates from two specific Italian regions, Lazio and Campania . Students will explore the true origins and history of modern Italian Pizza and learn how to create authentic regional pizzas from scratch, using a wood fired oven along with a standard home oven and pizza stone.
This is 2 1/2 hour class consisting of demonstration and some hands-on participation (what does this mean?)
Each Student will receive: 32 oz of Italian “00” Flour, 12 oz Semolina Flour, and 28 oz San Marzano Tomatoes
Lessons Include:
  • Sourcing ingredients
  • Types of dough by region
  • Proper fermentation
  • Proper dough handling and stretching
  • Wood Fired and Home Oven/Pizza Stone Cooking
  • Italian Pizza History
Note: We are currently allowing only 50% capacity.  Mask required for entry. Mask required when not seated at your table . Mask and gloves required during any hands on cooking.
Feel free to bring your favorite bottle of wine to sip on during class.
A generous sampling of all the foods prepared in class will be provided.
***If you would like to reserve this class as a Private Event for your group, please Contact Us and we will reply with some available dates.***

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